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Remote Attendance

Live, instructor-led training from the convenience of your home

If you are unable to travel or are not located near a training location, remote attendance may be a good option for you. Remote attendees participate fully in the same live seminars as local students using full duplex video and audio. We will ship course materials and necessary equipment to your home or office.

  • Remote attendees receive the full benefit of interactions between other students in the class and the instructor, such as real-time questions and answers during lecture as well as instructor facilitation during hands on exercises.
  • The hands on lab equipment shipped to remote attendees is the same as that provided in the classroom. Via remote viewing and control software, the instructor can monitor your lab work and respond to any issues during the exercises, in much the same way that the instructor monitors lab work in the physical classroom.

The combination of physical courseware and robust lab exercises, multiple video feeds from the classroom, and the ability of the instructor to see and react to remote students during class all combine together to allow for a satisfying and effective remote attendance experience for students. Remote students are able to stay focused and interested on the subject matter, because they are able to easily and quickly communicate with the instructor and other students, and get real-time assistance from each other and the instructor during hands-on lab exercises.

Multiple Training Locations

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