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Web Developer Bootcamp

4-course track: $4,800 5-course track: $6,000 6-course track: $7,200 7-course track: $8,400 8-course track: $9,600

Veterans Discount: We offer a 20% discount to Veterans.

Location: Courses may be taken at home or the workplace, via a combination of on-demand video lectures and facilitated hands-on labs.

This bootcamp is comprised of 4 to 8 online web developer courses that introduce core concepts and practical techniques which are required for website development. Students will learn how to implement responsive web pages and scripting functionality using HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. Optional courses include Angular, Node.js, jQuery Mobile, and ASP.NET Web Forms.

Our unique approach combines on-demand training with personal facilitation and comprehensive hands-on exercises to assure successful training and competence in the IT workplace. Our support staff provides personal setup assistance, guidance and lab equipment setup for each student. An instructor is assigned to each student to assist in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content. Our classes are designed to be 50% lecture and 50% hands on exercises. Lab exercises are performed via direct high-speed access to a dedicated lab machine, providing responsive interaction and anywhere/anytime accessibility by the lab facilitator as well as the student.

You’ll learn about the actual code that comprises web pages and the frameworks that are used to implement functionality. Upon completion, you’ll be able to read and modify code from any code generator. Acquired skills include being able to create responsive Websites with HTML5/CSS along with the Bootstrap front-end framework; manipulating the DOM; creating functions; handling events and making AJAX requests with JavaScript. The JavaScript framework jQuery is included to show how to increase productivity and convenience while providing enhanced front-end (client-side) functionality for websites. PHP is included as the final required course, to provide a foundation of back-end (server-side) functionality to students.

Upon completion of the program, students will have developed a flexible and sophisticated skillset for developing modern websites that are also mobile-friendly, and will be able to leverage various popular web development frameworks such as Bootstrap and jQuery. The expertise and hands-on experience gained from this program will allow the student to pursue an entry level web developer position in the workforce after completion. The curriculum includes advanced techniques and topics to help students stand out in the workplace as a knowledgeable website developer.

Take advantage of quality content and personal service to assure your success. Curriculum Advisors are available at 978.250.4983 to answer any questions you may have regarding the programs of interest to you.

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Web Developer Bootcamp Highlights:

  • Creating a valid HTML document
  • Creating and using CSS to format the appearance of an HTML document
  • Defining element, id, class and attribute selectors
  • Creating different types of lists in an HTML page
  • Displaying images on a Web page
  • Including JavaScript in a Web page
  • Using JavaScript to validate forms
  • Using Ajax to make asynchronous calls to a Web server
  • Using HTML5 semantic elements to define the structure of a page
  • Creating effects with CSS3 such as drop shadows, text shadows and using custom fonts
  • Building a Web page using the Bootstrap grid system
  • Using Bootstrap to style links, buttons and form controls
  • Adding components to a page such as dropdowns, thumbnails, alerts and glyphicons
  • Using variables, data types, and control flow logic in PHP pages
  • Maintaining state using cookies, session variables, hidden form fields and query strings
  • Using an object-oriented API to access SQL to select and modify data from database tables

Required Web Developer Courses:

Students who lack programming experience may elect to attend the Introduction to Programming Concepts course at no additional charge, before taking the final required PHP Programming course.

Course Duration PDF
Website Development with HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap 35 hours
JavaScript Programming 35 hours
jQuery Programming 21 hours
PHP Programming 28 hours

Optional Web Developer Courses:

Course Duration PDF
Developing Web Applications Using Angular 35 hours
Node.js Application Development 28 hours
Developing Mobile Websites with Responsive Web Design and jQuery Mobile 35 hours
ASP.NET Web Forms Programming Using C# 35 hours

Students wishing to opt out of first-level courses will be evaluated one-on-one by a technical instructor. Track price will be adjusted accordingly.

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