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On-Demand Training with Personal Facilitation to Assure Your Success

Comprehensive IT certificate programs for SQL, .NET, UNIX/Linux, Java, C/C++, Mobile App Development, Python and Web Development

Our unique approach combines on-demand training with personal facilitation and comprehensive hands-on exercises. Forget about online webinars, computer based training or other ineffective "virtual training" technologies. Our task-oriented content and personal facilitation assure successful training and competence in the IT workplace. Learn via real classroom presentations and challenging lab work. Our facilitators average over 10 years experience in both programming and teaching. Click on the desired curriculum below for a details about that track. Upon completion, we work closely with each student and provide contacts to assure placement after training. Curriculum Advisors are available at 978.250.4983 to answer any questions you may have regarding the programs of interest to you.

Mentored Self-Paced Instruction

Success through Personal Facilitation

The problem with most self-paced training is the lack of an instructor. We know that students who take online courses tend to learn less than those who work with teachers in a classroom, and are many times more likely not to complete a course. So while the idea of convenient, anywhere/anytime, self-paced training seems just wonderful, the results have historically been spectacularly disappointing for those who are interested in real results, rather than in providing the mere appearance of training.

The problem is the lack of a real live instructor. People learn best from each other, with bi-directional communication. No matter how clever and well-constructed an online lesson may be, we tend to lose focus, wander away, get easily frustrated, and quit when the learning experience lacks the human interaction the brain craves, expects and requires.

Developer Bootcamp has solved the problem.

We offer on-demand video courses that not only include excellent instruction and comprehensive hands-on exercises, but also include an assigned instructor who provides personal facilitation and is responsible for your success. Have a problem? Have a question? Stuck on a lab exercise? Fire off an email and you'll get a thorough, detailed, timely response from your instructor, who regularly teaches the course you’re taking. Need to see exactly where code needs to be tweaked? Your facilitator can show you in real time right on your lab machine. Tempted to abandon the course because of other priorities? Your personal facilitator will stick with you until you both are satisfied, guaranteeing your success.

Call us today to set up a free demonstration of our on-demand platform. We know that you will see the benefits of our unique training approach.

 This course and your school really surpassed my expectations. I have been programming Windows Forms in C# for quite some time but despite looking online for tips and free courses I was lacking a real connection and experience from a professional instructor. Your school provides both. I am super more confident and excited about what I learned in this course in five days than what I have learned in years! Thank you very much for an amazing experience.
–A.R., Software Developer
Choose the bootcamp program that best suits your career goals:
Java Programmer
2-course track: $2,400 3-course track: $3,600 4-course track: $4,800 5-course track: $6,000
Microsoft .NET Developer: C#
5-course track: $6,000 6-course track: $7,200 7-course track: $8,400 8-course track: $9,600 9-course track: $10,800 10-course track: $12,000
Master Java Developer
4-course track: $4,800 5-course track: $6,000 6-course track: $7,200 7-course track: $8,400 8-course track: $9,600
Microsoft .NET Developer: VB.NET
5-course track: $6,000 6-course track: $7,200 7-course track: $8,400 8-course track: $9,600 9-course track: $10,800
Mobile Application Developer
2-course track: $2,400 3-course track: $3,600 4-course track: $4,800
SQL Programmer
1-course track: $1,495
Web Developer
4-course track: $4,800 5-course track: $6,000 6-course track: $7,200 7-course track: $8,400 8-course track: $9,600
SQL Server Administrator
2-course track: $2,400 3-course track: $3,600
Linux System Administrator
2-course track: $2,400
SQL Server Business Intelligence Developer
4-course track: $4,800
UNIX Software Developer
3-course track: $3,600 4-course track: $4,800
Master SQL Server Developer
5-course track: $6,000 6-course track: $7,200
C/C++ Programmer
2-course track: $2,400 3-course track: $3,600 4-course track: $4,800
Python Programmer
1-course track: $1,495

Hands-On Lab Exercises

The best way to retain knowledge is by doing. Our classes are designed to be 50% lecture and 50% hands on exercises. Students perform lab exercises via high-speed remote access to a dedicated lab machine. This allows direct assistance during lab work. Some classes also allow students to use their own personal machine as another option for lab work.

Personalized Support

An instructor will be assigned to you to assist you in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content. Our instructors are working professionals with an average of over 10 years of teaching experience. They will guide you throughout the training process and make sure you finish your courses in a timely manner.

24/7 Course Access

Our programs are self-paced, which means you can move through the bootcamp at your own speed. You are provided credentials to view the course on any device whether it be a phone, tablet or computer for up to 4 weeks per course. We can also be flexible with the dates of your training if you have a busy work schedule.

Quality Course Materials

Our courseware is built by our expert instructors and is constantly updated and improved, using both direct feedback from students and the instructors' own observations of what works best. Students receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides on the day they are ready to begin the course.

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